Study Shows Living with others Reduces likelihood of Depression

A surprising article was released on the March 23rd, 2012 in Medical News displaying the most recent major depression finds from a study conducted at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health by Professor Laura Pulkki-Raback. The study consisted of determining the use of anti-depressants by 3,500 men and women depending on whether or not the individual lived by themselves or with other people. The professor’s findings were the following:

  1. Individuals who lived alone versus individuals who lived with others were consuming 80% more anti-depressants than those living with others

  2. That it is likely that the results of this research reveal less than the likelihood of depression for individuals living alone because it does not account for individuals who use tobacco, alcohol, or other substances to deal with their depression

Lesson of the article: Living with others will more likely make you less depressed than living alone

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