Sexual Depression Medicine Side Effects

It is fairly common for those who are clinically depressed to also have sexual problems as a side affect. Erectile dysfunction (ED) or being unable to orgasm are the more prevalent sexual effects of depression. Psychologists and General Doctors are able to treat the symptoms of sexual problems and depression.

How are depression and sexual problems connected?

Sexual desire is a brain function, just as is being depressed. Your brains nuerotransmitters are special brain chemicals that create communication between the brains cells. Depression and other mood disorders are caused because these chemicals are imbalanced. Because the brain is a sensitive organ, what is wrong in one part can affect other parts. Thus if a person is depress, they may also have sexual function issus.

Its common for both men and women to be depressed and have a low desire for sex. This puts a strain on their relationships.

Does Depression Medicine Have Sexual Side Effects

Some depression drugs cause further imbalance to a persons chemical makeup in the brain and as a result serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can have a negative affect on a persons sexual desire.

While antidepressants help boost a persons mood via chemical imbalance changes, the same chemicals are involved with sexual response. Antidepressants can have undesireable side effects that affect sexual dysfunction. These side effects seem to increase as the dosage of anti-depressants increase.

Sexual problems with antidepressants can include:

  1. Inability to initiate or enjoy sex

  2. Erectile dysfunction (ED) for men

  3. Decreased sexual desire

  4. Inability to achieve an orgasm

Precise Research Centers is conducting a clinical research study on people with low sex drive due to anti-depressant medications paxil, celexa, or prozac . Learn more about our depression research study.

Please call (601) 420-5810 for more information.

Can sexual problems with depression be treated?

Yes, there are several options for managing the sexual side effects of depression treatment. Some of the newer treatments have been tested and have fewer side effects. Sometimes the doctor may switch medicines because the patient has a stronger reaction with one anti-depressant over the other. Precise Research is currently conducting a clinical research study on people with low sex drive due to anti-depressant medications paxil, celexa, or prozac .

Depression Clinical Trials & Sexual Research

Depression research and clinical trials provide a consistent stream of new drug therapies and other treatmetn options for those with depression and sexual side effects.

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