Preliminary testing of a new pain-free Fibromyalgia drug showing positive results

A recent article published on March 20th, 2012 by ME/CFS Australia (SA) released news of the discovery of an enzyme in the brain that is responsible for pain-memory. With this enzyme, called PKMzeta, researchers on the study are hoping to develop a marketable drug to block its ability to make long-term memory storage of pain in the brain to help Fibromyalgia patients live pain-free. As the researchers state, pain-memory often intensifies pain for the future incidents of injury to the same part of the body, and can at times lead to hyper-sensitivity. The current tests of blocking this enzyme on rats have displayed the following:

  1. The PKMzeta enzyme is responsible for pain-memory that can lead to pain intensification and hypersensitivity

  2. Rats that were treated against the functioning of this enzyme reversed the pain processing abnormality in the spinal cord dorsal horn and hypersensitivity across the skin

Lesson of the article: new pain-free Fibromyalgia drugs are in the preliminary stages of testing and are displaying positive results

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