Exercise & Talk Therapy helps those with Fibromyalgia – study shows

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

30 to 45 minutes of talk-therapy by phone weekly, and/or twenty minutes to an hour of exercise bi-weekly, has helped individuals suffering chronic pains from fibromyalgia. The study was done on 450 patients experiencing chronic pains, who were separated into four groups: talk-therapy by phone, exercise, both, or neither.

The results of the six month trial revealed that the patients that did both the talk-therapy and the exercise only did slightly better than those that did one or the other, though both practices were helpful. The scientists also noted that the phone talk-therapy seemed as effective as would be face-to-face talk-therapy. This article brings to question whether the same methods could be used for children with the disease.

Source: WebMD, January 12th

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