Brain Surgery might be a consideration for those with Intractable Epilepsey

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The results of a study involving patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy (epilepsy in which medical drugs do not have any effect on stopping seizures) and the question of whether or not to consider brain surgery as an option to treat their epilepsy. The study involved 38 patients in which 15 underwent surgery while the remainder underwent a program of the most current medical care.

The final results displayed that two years later 85% of the patients in the surgical group had stopped having seizures while taking an anti-epileptic drugs, while those who did not undergo the surgery continued to have seizures. The surgical group also showed evidence of higher quality of life, more independence, and more willingness and ability to socialize than they did in the past.

Source: Science Daily on March 07th, 2012

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